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Friday, January 28, 2011

Will's four month doc visit!

Has it really been four months already? I just cannot believe it! Things are going well and William is doing great! We have recently tried to stop swaddling so much to see how he does and hopefully we will have a handle on the sleep thing here before long!

His doctor had a good point, if we sleep train him now then stop the swaddle later we might be back to square one. Crystal and other mommies had no problems stoping the swaddle (no problems sleeping after this) but we'll see how he does for now. Were doing a lot of trial and error and hoping something works soon.

At four months old Will is picking up toys and putting them in his mouth, recognizes voices and turns his head in their direction (which cannot always be a good thing when you are trying to nurse) he sits in his highchair and bumbo and holds his head up very well, loves to coo and talk but the favorite is blowing raspberries!

Holding his lovey "franklin"

Another favorite thing right now is standing, he loves to stand anywhere you will let him! Also enjoys playing airplane on mommies legs.

He might be having his first tastes of cereal soon and is growing up right before our eyes. His brother Boomer still doesn't care too much about his existence but Will is starting to watch this creature roam about the house more and more.
Ohh, we've also started reading books which is super fun and I love having a new activity that he can do! My favorite is "twinkle twinkle" because I can sing it to him, however Luke has recently informed me while watching American Idol that I do NOT, let him repeat himself do NOT have a good singing voice!... Thanks babe.

At Will's four month check up everything went very well and he is a healthy and happy baby boy!

Weight: 14.12 58%
Height: 25.75 83%
I never record the head, as long as his head is growing normal I'm good ;)

We are in size two diapers and usually about 6 month clothing

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  1. 4 months, no really 4 months!!! where has the time gone, he's growing up way too fast. they all are!!!


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