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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update on sitters and a ROLL!

I think I am starting to feel comfortable enough with our current situation to update the blog on the sitter!
After doing some searching for a new arrangement for lil Will I went back to some old emails from over the summer and ended up making a few appointment/interviews with sitters.
Note- if meeting a new family with a new baby DO NOT under any circumstances show up smelling like smoke, but not only like smoke like you have been standing in a bar on the landing (street of gross bars in stl) for the past four weeks. I literally could not breathe as I talked to one of the girls, then when I asked if she smoked, she said, "OHH NO!!!"
Needless to say she is NOT the new sitter.
And then it happened.... I fell in love.

She came over after Will's first doctor appointment and we all hit it off! She loves Will and I love her, I could not ask for anything more!

She has his best interest at heart, records all of their daily activity on a sheet for me, and truly cares for us as a family. She has helped out around the house throwing in the laundry, starting the dishwasher etc which after a 9 hour day and being up at night means more than she may ever know. I do believe that God had me try out the in home sitter just to find out it was not right so that I would find her. My fear is that she will get bored sitting with a baby in our quiet home but so far she has brought dinners to prepare, bills to pay, and things to keep herself entertained.

I cant even begin so explain how differently the day went knowing he was with someone who was holding him and talking to him all day. I also get to leave him at home in the morning and come home to him in the afternoon which works just great for us right now.

So for now Will will hang out with his new best friend on Mondays Thursdays and Fridays, Luke's mom watches Will on Tuesdays and I am going to try to work from home on Wednesdays. This week will be the first week we try the actual schedule out.

And on the very first day she found out the way to this momma's heart: photo texts! :)

It is hard being away from my baby but I did need some adult interaction and time away. It makes the time I have with him every evening and on the weekends so very special. One fear is that I will miss things. Today I texted Gigi to check on the boys (Luke is home sick with the stomach flu) and she told me Will rolled over! From his back to his stomach! He was swaddled and napping in his crib and rolled over! Since he has been sick we have his crib elevated on one side which my of "helped" the roll a bit, but it did not help me to be a little upset that I missed this first big milestone! I know he will do it again and I will be there next time and I know how much Kris cares for Will so I am glad she got to be there for this first of many first moments.


  1. I'm glad things are working out!

    I feel ya on the missing things. I missed the first time Dom sat up on his own (like for awhile), the first time he rolled over, the first time he crawled, the first words, etc. But I got to see those first steps. You'll get to see things. Don't worry. :)

  2. SO glad you love your new nanny! She sounds amazing!!! Glad everything is going well!!!

  3. oh this makes my heart so happy for you (not the part about missing his roll, but the nanny)! Having childcare that you are comfortable with makes a world of difference:)


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