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Monday, January 24, 2011

A {much needed} low key weekend

Since the lack of Zzzz's, and the current work on the Zzzz's we were all very excited to have a relaxing weekend! I had a snow day home from work last Thursday and started researching all of the different methods of sleep training, chatted with other mommies, and really took a day to sit down and asses the situation to decide what would work best for us.
I decided we would try the Ferber method, it has them try to figure it out by crying but allows you to go in and soothe (without picking them up!) More facts here
After talking with my sister I also realized Will did not have a good daytime schedule at all. He napped, ate, and played all at different times and the sitter, Luke's mom, and me all had different schedules and ways we did things which was very confusing for him. So I started the WAKE, EAT, PLAY, NAP schedule Thursday and everything went SO smoothly he did great with it and seemed so happy. All the research says that as well, that if they can expect what is coming next and have a routine to follow they will be very comforted and happy.
Thursday night (first night) he went down fine around 8:30 was up around 1 am I went in at 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 15 minutes then 15 minutes again then he was back asleep (finally) it took about an hour all in all.
Friday night he was at Crystals house and he slept all night! She said he got up around 4 and "talked a little" but went right back to sleep till 6:30 am.
Saturday night it was about the same as Thursday up for about 45 minutes total.
And Sunday night, he slept completely through the night!!!!!!!!! 9 pm - 6:15 am!
Aunt Crystal is a saint, loves William so very much and knew how much mommy and daddy needed a night off! So the plan was to take him over there Friday night and get him Saturday morning. When we got there Friday I soon realized I forgot his milk in our fridge at home, so after some more driving back and forth we left Crystals at about 9:30 after Will was already sleeping soundly. We decided Will needed some extra one on one Aunt Crystal time so he spent some more time with her Saturday and Luke picked him up at 4! Yup That's right 4! I got SO much done! Some things are just impossible to do with a baby around, and I also enjoyed a trip to Walmart where I actually got to look around instead of the normal 2 minute trips!
Thank you SO much Crystal, it was MUCH appreciated!

Crystal picked Bennett up at 3 on Saturday and he was very delighted to see a fellow backseat traveler!

She did a little photo shoot with my little buddy, see Crystals blog or my facebook page for the complete pictures. She got some really great ones!

Smiley ones, cousin ones....

and some that made mommy laugh out loud at Walmart when she got the photo texts! :)

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  1. So exciting that Will slept through the night!!! Also, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog!!!


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