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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My little fish!

Yup there is this little B Fish, Isn't he cute?
And now.... THIS little fishie!

Poor baby Will has had a cough and some congestion for a while now. I know there is not much they can do for him since it is a cold and he is baby, but the past few days his cough has progressively gotten worse which is also leading to him not sleeping very well.
We took him into the doctor and after a long listen to his little lungs she was concerned with the amount of congestion. She did a test where you place this thing on his toe and it makes sure his body is getting enough oxygen which was very hard because his leg and toe had to stay still to preform this test. After this we tried a breathing treatment on a nebulizer in the doctors office and then she had another listen.

We left with an antibiotic, a breathing machine, and the medicine to put in the machine. There is no definitive treatment but she is hoping the combination of these things will help him to get feeling better and be able to fight this off.

Friday he was with a sitter at our house and she did two breathing treatments with him while we were gone... new post soon about new sitter. So right now we are on the antibiotics and treatments every four hours.

Hoping the little guy fights this off and gets to feeling better soon, we leave for Texas on Thursday!

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  1. I'm just now catching up on your blog! OMG, poor baby Will!!! Jackson has the same fishy mask, and we're up every 4 hours doing treatments too. I'll be praying for you guys:(


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