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Monday, January 17, 2011

Prayers for Grandma Ad!

Please send prayers for my Grandma Ad. She got a twisted stomach, they tried to fix it but over the weekend (or maybe it was Friday) needed surgery, they put in a "bag" that she will have, but then there was a problem with that and they had to go back in and do another surgery. Needless to say it has been a very rough weekend, hoping for an easy recovery for poor Grandma Ad.
Ad is short for Adeline and she is one of the best and sweetest grandmas of all time. They live about four hours from us on a farm in Illinois but they always make it in town for every shower, lots of holidays and many times throughout the year just to visit. Her and Grandpa Bill have been married for a long time (around 55-60 years I think) and are the cutest strongest couple you will ever meet!

This was just 2 weekends ago at my sisters house, Grandma Ad helped us get lil Will to sleep, Grandmas just have the "touch" don't they! :)

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