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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My 3 month man!

Look at me I'm three months!
I blow bubbles!
I smile!
I laugh!
One of my all time favorite pics of him..... thus far ;)
I listen!
I "dance!"
and... I BURP!

I cant believe my little newborn bear is three months old! My whole pregnancy three months seemed so far off, that is when I would return to work and it just seemed like it would take forever to get here. I had so much fun staying home with my little man and it seems to of went by in the blink of an eye!
Will is 14 pounds and 24 inches long. He loves to be held and snuggle (which I LOVE and I hope lasts for a long time!) But he also enjoys his alone time in his swing or bed. He still loves to play in his bouncy seat and we are working on grabbing toys and rolling over. He is mostly in 6 month clothing and wore his first pair of jeans yesterday with his new babysitter. He loves to eat but has started getting distracted easily by people, toys, tv and will often get bored with eating and want to go play. Breastfeeding and pumping are still going very well and I hope to keep it up for a while longer. He loves to coo, smile, and laugh and thinks yawns and silly noises are just hilarious! I love this age and we are having a blast, things are a little crazier than normal here at the Wilson's now that I am back at work but were loving every minute of this roller coaster called life.


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