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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Texas Trip!

Were back! We went to Texas for a long weekend for our good friend Johns wedding reception. Luke and John grew up next to each other and were best friends when they were younger. John moved to Texas at the beginning of high school but we have always stayed in touch. John and Rachel came in to Saint Louis for all of our wedding events so we were a little bummed we didn't make it to Mexico when they got married in December but it was just a little too soon for us to be traveling with a little one at home and we were sure we would be there for their big reception in Texas! It was a beautiful wedding, Rachel plans weddings for a country club so she had all the inside ideas and tricks! Unfortunately the stomach flu decided to hit and hit hard! It was a 24 hour thing but so bad that Johns parents had to miss the wedding reception and Rachel ended up getting sick the night of the wedding!
We lucked out for the most part but now that we are at home Luke just had his turn with and and Will and I are still holding our breath and hoping for the best! Doing some tummy time and hanging out with mommy in Texas.

Will hanging with dad on the plane home.

Will was an angel both on the plane ride there and back! I nursed him for take off and he fell asleep shortly after. On the way there we had about 5 minutes of mad cry but after that is was snooze land! He is a professional flyer which makes me want to plan the next thing to look forward to SOON!

Sleeping with mommy on our way to Texas!
The beautiful couple, seriously they are both gorgeous people! :)

The wedding party!
Even though we didn't make it to Mexico John still wanted Luke in all the wedding party pictures which was very sweet.

Best buds
A night out!
another friend of Luke's from high school, but more like my friend now :) lives out that way in Texas and offered to come out and help watch little Will while we went to the reception on Saturday night. I am so grateful for this because there is just nothing like leaving your baby, while you are out of town to get your emotions running! But with twin girlie's at home and two older boys I know she is awesome! It was such a sigh of relief that night to be able to leave the house and not worry ONE bit! Will did great for her and I think she enjoyed a quiet night to herself as well! Thank you again SO much!
The girls and I
Minus the sickness's we all had a great trip and look forward to seeing ALL of our Texas friends soon!

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