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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

20 months old

Ohh William... how can it be that you are going to be 20 months old when I just brought you home from the hospital yesterday? 20 months sounds so much older than 18-19 months, your going to be two before we know it...gasp! You lighten my life and show me what life is all about, you cure my blues, and give me the love of the world with your big squeezes. I probably ask you for too many kisses and too many hugs and I'm sorry. The best way to describe it is, I crave you, I think of you all day and look at photos of you to help me get through to the time I can squeeze you in my arms again. You have this biggest butterball belly I have ever seen and I cant stop from giving it sweet raspberries every chance I get. You've never met a stranger, or a place or person you didn't like. You talk all.the.time most the time we know what you are saying, I couldn't count the words you say there are a lot, some favorites being, dada, boomer, momma, gabbagabba, alright!, milk. actually I could keep going, you talk a lot. You love tv and have a slight obsession with yo gabba gabba. Hopefully that will pass soon. Your very picky with food and there are only a handful of things you will eat, its always a struggle because I want you to be healthy. Your still in size 5 diapers and we may try to start potty training in August. I'm also thinking a big boy bed may be in the works if we do well with the potty thing. Your smart as a whip and challenging yourself and us everyday.
 Some new favorite things to do are lick the spoon if I'm making or stirring something, any cup with a straw you call "momma's" and you want a drink, and you LOVE to play with water, fountains, pools, tub, sprinkler!

 Your getting a little better with me taking your picture and sometimes you will give me your best "CHEESE" this sweet sweet smile just simply melts my heart.
 Your favorite stuffed animal is still Henley, you love to suck on his tags, when your in bed you suck the tags and twirl your fat little finger around another stuffed animals tail/tag. It takes a little twirling time before you are really ready to get up.
 Chase and hiding together are two of our favorite games, the best part is when I catch/find you and we get to give big hugs and lots of laughs. These are the moments I cherish, my fun little butterball.

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