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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Twenty Eight

Well, my 28th birthday has come and went, as I get older I realize birthdays just are not as fun anymore... I worked all day then my friend Ashley came in town from KC to see me which made it a special night. We enjoyed catching up over pizza and a bottle of cakeberad; perfect night. Tuesday my friends met me for dinner at Mosaic, a local tapas restaurant, as always it was great to see everyone, have some yummy food, and even better sangria! Ash and I got pedicures too, I love having pretty feet and when they're gross I just feel gross, you know?! 
Wednesday I worked from home, hung out with Ashley and Will, and bought a new pair of tennies I've been eye'ing. Last night Luke came home around 8:00 holding a little bag, I knew what was in there, something I had been wanting for a while, but I was so excited to see the final product! A ring alternating my birthstone (diamond) and Will's (Tourmaline) it can be worn on my right hand or stacked with my wedding band and ring on my left. Simple yet meaningful, two of my favorite things,! 

27 was a good year, nothing big, not too exciting, a little boring.... I'm really excited about 28 though, lots of fun trips planned, I get a new nephew in Sept, and I still have two whole years till 30 :) 
3 weeks till girls weekend at the lake, what! what! 

My bff and I on my birthday

Hoping my wish comes true!!!

Mmmm sangria

the boys decided to show up for girls happy hour :)

The girls... Shannon had just left :(

Ashley surprised me from KC, what fun!
Wednesday was spent relaxing, doing laundry, and playing with bubs

Boomer even joined in for the fun girls night with Ash and I ;)

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  1. Beautiful ring!!Happy birthday!! Small world but I went to highschool with Lindsey "Winnie".
    Hopefully you can access my blog now!


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