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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some catching up...

I feel like I need to do a quick catch up on everything we've had going on lately before the next events come and go! I'm absolutely LOVING our busy summer, and I really mean that! We've had a lot going on but still time to get somethings done at home, best of both worlds. 
Last weekend was memorial day weekend, I threw my friend Michelle (and Wills old babysitter) a sprinkle for her new baby Tucker. It was a fun brunch with all of our friends and lots of "sprinkle" themed food, favors, and fun. Michelle got all the necessitates she was needed for her new baby boy, and is ready for his arrival...soon! With having her daughter Eliza and a new baby I was searching for some new "friends" for William, a daunting task for me to put it lightly. May 1st he started at a new home, Miss Nicole watches him and she is a sweetie. There he plays with her son with is the exact same age as Will, and four other girls varying in age from 2 1/2 - 12. He has definitely learned his new role as a ladies man.
Some of my best girlfriends and I, bloody mary bar, sprinkle favors, food, gifts and baby wishes

After the sprinkle we quickly cleaned up and packed up again, next we were off to Labadie (about 45 minutes from us) to a friends for a day of grilling, pool play, and fun! Will had so much fun on the big water slide, with the other kids and on the big slip and slide they set up. He wasn't quite big enough to get a good running start but he scooted down on his butt right along the other kids. Such a fun day.

Monday Luke's dad had us all over for a fish fry, it was great to catch up, and cousin Peyton brought another great handmedown for lucky Will, a new tricycle!

A short week and a huge haul to goodwill later I was off for girls weekend at tablerock lake, I had a blast catching up with the girls, getting sun on the boat, and shopping. Always a much needed trip!  And its always easier to leave when Will is with dada. Luke decided he would tackle the grocery shopping and do some updates to a bathroom for me, with Will. Having a very active and interested toddler boy this is a hard thing to do, poor dada did not know what he was in for.... But has much appreciation for this momma!
While we were gone Luke hung out with Laurens husband Brian and their kids.... ladies man at his finest.

me and Leslie
Lauren and Winnie
Daddy telling Will mommas almost home!!!

Hope everyone is off to some summer fun as well!

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