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Monday, May 21, 2012

New park

Will loves all parks, he loves to be outside, and free to explore and play. Brenden's playground is a place I've heard great things about and been wanting to try for a while, it is named after a boy who couldn't play with regular playground equipment so everything is very friendly to kids of all ages and ability's. Will and I decided to meet Colleen and Jack there and we were both instantly in love! Will could literally spend hours at this place! Weve been back 3-4 times since and I feel like he has a new favorite part every time. The best part... it is literally less than 5 minutes from our house and right by dadas ball fields!


Our sweet buddy Jack 15 months old
He LOVES these swings, obsessed

My sweet gift from Will and his new sitter Nicole

Cardinals game/ freese bobble head day 


doing almost every activity at the park with Will on mothers day, he loved it :)

Mothers day doesn't deserve its own post.... Sorry but it just doesn't. Ive learned my expectations are too high, I literally have to SAY when I need something done for me, and of course... guys are clueless. At 6 pm on Sunday of mothers day I kinda lost it. No card, no sleeping in, no coffee in bed (I've realized years ago I will never get breakfast in bed so I'd settle for coffee) Yes I have an amazing husband and it was JUST my birthday and our anniversary, poor planning on my part to have these three events within three weeks of each other. But to wake up 365 days a year and take care of these three boys and work my little bootie off I just needed a little appreciation, a card, something dumb from Will, We did our normal routine, went to the park and spent time with Will (I may make this a tradition, loved this) then we went to the cardinals game and my mom babysat. I do feel very blessed to have the amazing family I do, but a little appreciation and acknowledgement is always nice.... always. :)

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