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Monday, May 7, 2012

productive weekend and changes

 Ahhh finally lunch time on Monday and a chance for me to recap our amazingly productive weekend! I've wanted to document this somewhere because I still cannot believe how much we got done. We layed low Friday and I mentally prepared scared Luke, with all that I had on "the list"... you know the list, sometimes you make it, sometimes it in your head but its never ending and your always adding and it seems when you start to get one project done it creates five more, especially if you are a homeowner... and on pintrest. I have a love/hate relationship with our lists.

We got going Saturday morning, Dada was doing yard work and Will and I headed to the park to walk and play, he spent the rest of the day at my moms so I wanted him to get outside for a while. On the big slides I usually go up with him and plop him down then either go down myself or run down to meet him at the bottom {one word: exhausting} he can sit but there is a little step he usually gets confused to get on and scoot to the end... well after much persuasion he did it, and he was ohhh so proud :) My little man is growing up so fast, feels like yesterday I was pregnant watching Bennett go down the slides.

climbing up, pre persuasion
sliding down all by himself!

I dropped Will off at my moms and headed to a baby shower for some dear friends having twin boys! Lord help them, lol :) I made the drinks for the shower and since it was also Cinco I did the Corona Margs and the raspberry summer cocktail, both from pintrest, both fabulous!
With baby fever and a few drinks in me I was feelin good and off to meet my hubby for some shopping and dinner. I got some treasures from the Galleria; my favorite mall I never get to go to. In college I lived right behind this mall and it was way TOO convenient. We had drinks at the mall and watched the Kentucky derby, I had no idea it was like 1 minute long, crazy! Then we went to crate and barrel and ordered a new kitchen table, I had been in the market for some time but also beating myself up for buying ours just 4 years ago. Its a tall one and I don't like the fact of Will sitting at it, soon he will be able to sit with us and enjoy all his meals and I needed a nice family table for us. Cant wait for it to be delivered.
We had drinks and dinner at pf changs and it was delicious as always. Thought about meeting some friends out for cinco but we went home and put our stuffed selves to bed, ohh how times have changed.

We got up Sunday and went to look for the perfect parsons chairs to go with my new table, I still haven't found anything I love. Then I went to get Will and Luke ran 4 errands, I was SO pleased! He picked up a new patio set we had picked out, and did some other things. Will napped and I went and ran two more errands....the rest of Sunday was spent putting together furniture, yard work, and cleaning. It felt so so nice to get so many checks off the list!
helping dada put together patio chairs

it was like Will knew just what to do, he picked up a tool and got to work!

time for some fun in his new pool after a hard days work
isn't this pool so cute? I found it at target I hope it lasts!
And last but not least, me new laundry room! The before pictures are on the ipad so I don't have them but the floor was a white and blue linoleum, white scuffed up walls, old washer dryer, and one rod for coats and stuff the room was fine, served its purpose but this is so much prettier! We are still searching around for the pedestals because I refuse to spend what they're asking for at the store.
walking in to the left we have a bench and lots of storage
then while you are taking pics a crazy man runs in!

All our storage!
and my new pretty washer and dryer, and WASH letters

new set right outside out kitchen door

 two are strawberries, one is peppers, one is tomatoes I'm trying! nothing yet....

Our new rug, and new patio set. I love it!

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  1. Gosh, I can't tell you how much I love Pinterest! Love all of your new goodies!


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