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Friday, May 25, 2012

A day at the Ranch

Last Saturday we went to the farm, it was great to have a day with me, Luke, Will, and my mom and dad. My mom adores Will of course, but ohh man I've never ever seen a papa so in love with his grandson.

Some favorite moments:
We are about a half hour from my mom and she is a good hour from the ranch, so after about 45 min in the car I decided to turn on a mickey episode to let Will relax till we got there. Boy did I hear about it with my mom in the backseat with Will, "you know we never needed this when you were little" "don't you think he watches enough tv" "cant he look at the trucks out the window" After it was on and she saw lil Will kickin his feet, singing along, and watching his favorite show for the remainder of the ride... "WHY didn't I have this when you were little" "I love mickey mouse, so cute" "these ipads are just amazing" "were THERE already, that flew by!"

Will thinks his mini horse (romeo) is a dog.... he looks at it and says "woof woof dog"

When we arrived my dad was in the barn with a bunch of cows (doing... I don't want to know what) and Will patiently stood at the gate and yelled Papa, Papa, until he came out and said hi.... melt my heart.

Will got to pet his first fish, tried to stick his hand right in its mouth, this scared momma!

Luke took Will for some four wheeler rides, every time they were done and would get off will would walk right back over and say in his sweet little voice, "more, more, more"

waiting for papa

riding with papa, choclate covered face and all.... spoiled!

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  1. It looks like Will really enjoyed your trip to the ranch and had a priceless family bonding. And it’s a good thing that Will got to experience these things at an early age. That way, he’ll have a lot of memories to cherish and learn from when he grows up. :) By the way, it looks like you had a pretty nice weather during your visit to the ranch, wasn’t it hot?

    Darren Lanphere


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