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Friday, September 2, 2011

Life latley {in pictures}

If you take a look at the months of my blog posting to the right, it seems I am at a downward slope lately. So I wanted to do a quick update with some of our  " lifes latleys" of our end of summer.
 Will's first time coloring at Michelle's house, she helped a little but this arts and crafts lover knew just what to do!
 Green pepper, don't mind if I do! This is a new game called: take something/anything out of the fridge and eat it! He now knows how to puncture the top of the apple sauce lid with his teeth to get whats inside!
 happy boy singing in the car
 MR. Piggy! A fun tactile craft at Michelle's, don't worry, it was edible pudding, which he LOVED!
 Lately, Momma, Daddy, and Will have all brought work home with us....check out Will getting his work done in the new basement!
 Swinging! We found one of our new favorite parks and have met some other mommas here for workouts.
{how come some pics from my phone upload the incorrect way?}
I have wanted to redo Will's bathroom (which used to be the guest bathroom) for a while now, we didn't do much to it when we moved in; kept the cream walls and just put up some of my old palm tree bathroom decor'. I brainstormed for a while and thought for sure we were going to do the hungry caterpillar theme  but decided to go with a yellow, grey, and white color scheme with a "you are my sunshine" theme. One of my favorites. I ordered some cute stuff on etsy and will have pictures for you soon!
 We did some family pictures with Crystal in hopes of getting a good pictures of Bennett and Will, well.... were still trying! Maybe at the ranch this weekend we'll get one! Here is one of my favorite family pictures of us 3.
 With the way the months have been whipping by and the weeks are gone if you blink I've been thinking a lot about what to do for Luke's 30th birthday (this December!) I keep going back and forth on Vegas, but don't know if we can take the time off, and spend all that money. We'll see!
 Two of my best friends are getting married next weekend 9.10.11 SO excited for their big day!
 Still LOVING pintrest, finding some great inspiration for Will's bathroom, now... need.more.walls. ;)
If I can ever get organized enough I want to keep track of this! All the foods, fruits, veggies, and spices your baby should have before they turn one, we have a lot to do in a month mr. will.

Will has really been loving to help out around the house! I bought some space saver bags and packed up all of his baby clothes, so sad to see them go... but hopeful we will need them again someday. Casual chat with Luke the other night... you know my husband, mr. done having kids hubby... "Will is going to make a really great big brother, he'd love to have a little brother!" Whoa! Slow down hun! 

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