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Friday, September 23, 2011

Current Obsessions: Trucks

I continue you keep my blog for many reasons, one of the main being that it is a great lil online scrapbook of many memories, milestones, photos etc for our family. I thought one thing that would be fun to try and update once in a while is Will's favorite toys he's into. I think it'd be fun to look back at.

Right now Will is obsessed with cars and trucks, maybe he'll be a race car driver, or a dump truck guy... what would you call that? Right now I am looking around for a dump truck that the contents do not spill out too easily. He likes to put things in them and push it around. {see video} it gets frustrating when they fall out easily.
The other day it was really nice out and Will and I spent some time hanging out in the backyard for a while.

Other love he has now and all the time is still books.

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