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Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Ranch visit and Dads 60th!

August 27th my dad turned 60 whopping years old! My dad means a lot to me, he is the hardest working person I know and has completely devoted his life to making sure my mom, sister, and I are very well taken care of. He would do anything for us girls, and now he has two little boys he can spoil, take to sporting events and rough house with at the ranch. I cant wait till Will is a little older and I can send him off for the weekend with Papa! My mom put together a little surprise get together for my dad at the ranch labor day weekend, he was surprised as he saw all of us, family and friends, from st Louis, Illinois, and Indianapolis.
This was also Will's first visit to the ranch (my dads haven) He loved it, the fresh air and excitement must of taken it out of him too (well he was also recovering from a nasty stomach bug) But he took at 3 hour nap while we were there! Which meant momma got to enjoy some cold brewskys and relax for a while!
The weather was gorgeous and it couldn't of been a better day... Boomer even got to join in the family fun at his all time favorite place!
 First four wheeler ride
 I'm gonna have TROUBLE on my hands with these two....
 Tire horsey... only at the ranch
 Two of my favorite ya mamas
 Obsessed with hats
 Got it!
 Bennet found a frog, this poor frog was put through the ringer!
 My uncle thinking it'd be funny to scare the kids with an old cow skull
Papa with the boys

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