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Thursday, September 15, 2011

11 months old and clapping!

Better late than never, out little bug turned 11 months old on the 3rd!
I know he is but I feel more than ever that Will has taken on a rare sponge form! He is literally soaking up EVERYTHING he sees and doing something new!
Here are some 11 month updates....
- Will took his FIRST STEPS!!!!! His first steps were towards me when I picked him up from Michelle's house closer to 3-4 weeks ago, then not much for a while, but in the past week or two he takes 2,3,4 steps almost everywhere before plopping down and bee lining it with his one legged crawl. I almost have a walker and a one year old and I can hardly believe it. Tears....

 - Will got his first hair cut yesterday, didn't think he could get any cuter/more handsome, I was wrong...

- He is talking so much and his new favorite word is DOG. Awwwww!!!!! It is pretty much just a "DO" sound but it is DOG! He says it every time he sees Boomer or any dog, he even say a dog on TV and said it! SO he says, mama, dada, all done, and dog. I think that's it... well all we can understand at least

- He CLAPS!!! I thought he was close, but when I got home from work Tuesday right away Luke's mom said Will clap, patty cake for mommy... and he waved hi to me, but followed it with a big clap, now he claps at everything! Playing, putting his shapes in the shape sorter he claps for himself (or me) when we get one in, even clapped for the checker at the grocery store yesterday, she must of been doing a good job! :)

That's it for now, just working and gearing up for the big birthday soon! It's JUNGLE day at Michelle's house today and she decorated like a jungle everwhere, we have the best sitter/friend EVER!!!
 Kisses for lamb
 Just woke up, and pre haircut....

 Happy 11 months mr will, you are my sweet sweet sunshine
 Ohh yeah, Will is pretty much giving kisses and hugs on command,

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