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Friday, August 26, 2011

Farmily Day: Grant's Farm

Between now and mid October we have 2 weddings we are in, one of which we will travel to North Carolina for, one baby shower, one 60th birthday party, one couples shower, a 6th birthday, Will's first birthday and party, Will's baby dedication, a bachelor and batchlorette party, a reunion dinner, alumni baseball game.... I'm sure I could keep going but you get the picture. With all of these things coming up we needed to have a fun family day last Sunday when we were free. It was between the festival of the little hills by our house or Grants Farm. This day was all about Will and we figured he would have more fun at the later. Grants Farm is a local place where you can pet, feed, and see many different animals. It is owned by the Busch family and just a really neat little place, Luke and I have both not been since we were very young, we all had a great day! I cant believe summers coming to an end and were gearing up for these Fall weddings, I love summer but I for one cannot wait for... pumpkin spice lattes, boots, big comfy sweaters and sweatshirts, taking Will to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin beer, and fall nights around a bonfire! I cant think of anything that would of made this first summer with Will ANY better and I think I will always look back on it and smile. :)
 Momma and Will on the train... also, Will's first train ride!
 feeding/petting the baby goats actually I'm not sure if they were babies....
So first I went to go in with Will, there were these kids in front of me (being obnoxious sweet) and it made me really scared. I'm holding my baby boy, I have shorts on, these things are acting like they are starving even though there are tons of people all around us with food for them, and they.have.horns.
After me standing there contemplating for a minute and looking like an idiot I'm sure, Luke looks at me with his "what in the hell are you doing" look so I handed off Will and let him take the reigns on this one! Whew, didn't know I had that weird fear of goats, I'll try again next time.
 Luke telling me that one is sucking on his arm, HA!

 HI Will
 documenting our trip,
Will's first trip to Grants Farm: 10.5 months

 Watching a show, see the bald eagle
a super sweet donkey named: Budweiser :)

and what makes a fun family date complete? Two free samples per person.... Gotta love me some bud light!

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