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Thursday, September 29, 2011

and then there were 3: one year anniversary of becoming mama and dada continue his amazing story, he is just like his mom right on time, yet a tad fashionably late. Will didn't want to get evicted at 41 weeks so a day before, he made his grand appearance, just in time for grandpa and Gigi who were driving back in town to see him, he's thoughtful like that. From a middle of the night start of labor and admittance to the hospital, from getting a whole new closeness of this marriage thing as Luke had to help me go to the bathroom about ever 15 minutes during labor, holding iv's monitors and all. Then we went home and the reality set in, we were real live parents, William's every thought and well being from here on out depended on us and if we were "good" parents. From Luke sleeping on Will's floor the first night, to nursing trials and triumphs, and four plane rides with a newbie we have mastered one of the hardest titles out there: parents.
A first birthday not only celebrates our royal highness becoming one but it also marks a big milestone for Luke and I, we made it, one whole year, we didn't screw up too bad, and now I'd consider us pros. We've ate with one arm countless times, rocked and sang who knows what at 3 am, debated all the debateables, quit nursing or keep going, let him cry it out or pick him up, our trial and error in judgement of babysitters, and I don't think I could ever even begin to try and count for you the number of doctor visits we have been through in this first year.

A clean house, the new fashion styles, flat tummys, and just being caught up, things I used to loathe are just on the back burner of my mind these days because of my new title and one I carry proudly, mama.

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  1. Happy 1st Birthday to one of my favorite little guys! This post is oh so sweet, and brought a tear to my eye!!!


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