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Thursday, April 7, 2011

6 months old!!!!!!!

Doing his happy dance Annnnnnd.... I fell over.
And his happy scream... Ahhhhh!!!

Being silly with Mr. Lamb

Our sweet little baby boy is now six months old! It really does feel like yesterday I was riding in the backseat with him on our way home from the hospital, I was "figuring out" this whole nursing thing, and we were adjusting to life with a new little person in the house.

I love him more than I could of ever imagined! He is my life. I think about him all the time and when I am not with him I worry he misses me because I know I miss him! I constantly research and second guess all of the choices I make for him trying to make sure I am doing everything the best for him. Because he deserves the very best.

I recently decided to stop nursing, I made it six months and he was pretty much exclusively only fed breast milk until we recently started introducing solids. I was lucky to never have a problem producing enough milk for him and both him and I learned right away how to be rock star breastfeeding buddies! I will miss nursing him, and it was a very hard decision to make but I am looking forward to watching him try many new foods and learn how to be a good eater in other ways. I still have a frozen stash so he will still be breastfed for the next few weeks. Quitting has been very, very painful.

Will got lots of shots and thoroughly checked out at the doctor for his six month check up. We are supposed to start trying to increase his solid food intake and we can start with the meats. The doctor was very impressed with how strong and advanced he is, sitting on his own, almost crawling and moving all around, she said she thinks it was my breast milk that made him be a very strong boy! :) I think she could see the pain in my eyes and needed to say something to try and help.

William still loves to snuggle, and this is my favorite thing about him! Last night he literally gave me a hug, wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged me, it was the best feeling in the world. He has some favorite toys, lately the soft ones that he can chew on are good because he has two teeth! And I'm sure others are not far behind! He "crawls" aka scoots, mostly backwards and in circles but I love that he can interact with his toys and surroundings more: time to baby proof!

He babbles and has a cute "scream" that he likes to do, especially at meal time. Loves mostly all the fruits and the sweeter of the veggies.

6 month stats

16.12 ounces 35% -decrease in % could be due to more activity (crawling) and we need to increase solids.

26" long 75%

William I dreamt of you for 26 years, enjoyed a wonderful 9 month pregnancy with you, the first 6 months flew by, and I cant wait to spend the next six months and the rest of my life devoted to loving you. You are the sunshine of my life.

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  1. B had her 1st formula feed the other night. I about died. I am no pumping as much and decided that when we are leaving her with others which isn't too often or when we are out and a bout and don't have much time to breastfeed then we will give her a formula bottle. It was a heartbreaking decision that is for sure. Way to breastfeed for 6 months!! Good job!


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