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Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring!.... Finally!

I feel like SPRING finally SPRUNG this week in St.Louis! The weather has been incredible (except for the earth shattering storm last night) I am so excited it is nice out, I feel like just about ALL of Will's little life he has been couped up inside! We got out to the park and old town St Charles this weekend for some fresh air and a nice lunch just us three. And Saturday we went to have some fun with some great friends. Kris and Tara have sweet lil Calab, Kris and Luke have been friends (great friends) for over 20 years now! Its a hectic life being a baby and all, lemme get some of that dad, you look over there... (first beer) ;) And first cookie! These lil biter biscuits are great for teethers, Will LOVED it! Daddy of course was nervous from the mess it was creating, ohh lord.
So sweet watching the kids interact with each other! Thanks Kris and Tara!

Luke started softball this week too! Spring has definitely (finally!) sprung in Saint Louis!

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