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Monday, April 18, 2011

I get it...

I now understand, I thought I kinda knew... but I don't think I did. But now, now that I have him, I get it.

LOVE: It doesn't even do it justice to put into words how much I love my little William. Some mommies including my own have tried to explain it to me in the past, the unmistakable, indescribable amount of love you will fall in with your child/ren, I have to add the "ren" because I was #2 and Luke #4. When I was pregnant my sister Crystal was uber excited for me and once she told me it was because she would get to see me experience this type of love like she had just fell in with Bennett. For me, It didn't happen on day one... of course I loved him and was so excited to meet him and that he was finally here. But everyday as his little personality came out more and more and I found so many things we have in common I just keep falling more in love with him everyday.

More evidence of my snugglebug!

MINI ME: Ok here it is the only way to explain this. "He is ME only smaller." Everyone has always said he looks just like me. "He's got his momma's eyes" "cheeks!" I never saw it, to me he was William! I finally am starting to see the eye thing, in photos and up close he's got my "Chinese eyes" as Luke and I call em... but blue, like daddy! It is fun to see but the place I see me most in him is his little personality, the things he thinks are funny, his toys attacking him, his LOVE for dogs and animals, I could go on forever. He is cranky when he is tired and hungry just like his mommy. This morning I went to get him out of his crib (it was silent so I thought he was sleeping still) but he was sitting there up like a big boy smiling and laughing just hanging out. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen before in my entire life!

Our Crawler... 6.5 months

FAVORITE AGE: We've all heard it before "this age is my favorite!!!" But its another thing that is true! Every age and stage Will is at has been my favorite! I LOVED having a teeny tiny newborn around, so sweet and soft. Will really gave me a run for my money there for a while with his health issues and our bank account took (and will be taking for a long time) a BIG beating! He was the perfect "baby" size guy for a while and so fun to fall asleep on the couch with and snuggle. And now of course once again this 6 month mark has been my favorite, he is playing SO much sitting, eating fun foods, and now CRAWLING! Sorry for the bad iphone pics I have a video to upload soon. Saturday morning he crawled for the first time and has been going ever since! I know this will bring a whole new love to this stage!

Sorry moms.... but I have the sweetest boy around. period. end. He is sick again, started as a nasty cold him and his bud Evan were swapping snot all last week and now it sounds like another full blown infection in his lungs. His cough went from bad to worse over the weekend and were taking him to the doctor this afternoon. Even feeling like poop he never fusses or cries he never complains one bit, he still sits and plays and laughs like always. He just wants some extra snuggles (see above) God bless his little heart he is the sweetest boy ever.

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  1. Poor sweet baby! Hope he feels better soon. I totally agree with you, it just gets better and better.

    p.s. I'd love to talk to you about tips on getting them to SLEEP! I think I had your email address at one time, but I'm not sure if I still do. Would email or FB be better?


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