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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Boy Tubby!

We graduamated to the big boy tubby! No more baby tub for us! Can you believe this chunky monkey is in the 35% for weight?!? Ok maybe I am going a little crazy keeping up with the "1st's" but this was Will's first time getting all pruned up in the tub! Ha!
Playing in the big boy tubby! (ps thank you for letting me borrow it cousin Bennett!)
Just realizing his feet can splish splash! I way encouraged this, so probably created a monster!
These were last week when Luke was there to take pictures but yesterday Will and I dumped all his new bath toys in with him and he had a BALL! I think we have found out new way to {stretch} an hour! Kinda sad my new baby boy is already big enough for the big boy tubby, but ohh so much fun! :)

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