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Monday, October 8, 2012

My 2 Year old William Lucas


 William, Will, Bug, Bubba, Buddy, Baby, Love bug, 
No matter what I call you, you are my sweet love, my first born and truly the light of my life. I cannot look at you without completely lighting up, you have shown me what it means to be a mother and more importantly you have shown me what life is all about. It feels like yesterday when they placed you in my arms and my world was forever changed. I've spent the past two years learning how to love and be the best momma I can possibly be and I will spend the rest of my life fulfilling that role for you. 
You make me laugh all the time, either by a simple silly face or your hilarious personality. You copy cat everything Boomer does, so funny my little comedian. You have special mittens you put on naked after bath time and dance around like a maniac, only you. You also know how to love... pure love. If you see me sad you immediately drop everything to make sure I am okay, you really make sure. You also really care about your friends and other people, talking about them, remembering whose toys and clothes are whose, and asking to call people all the time just to tell them you love them. You remind me of so many people, mostly myself, your daddy, and your papa. Always double checking everything like momma, having a carefree sense of humor like dada, and you think of everything just like your papa. Some of my favorite moments in the past year were, Christmas and Easter, you really "got" it this year and enjoyed the festivities, our trip to Florida and to see Elmo, and how much you've grown, its amazing what a different person you are from a year ago. You can now hold conversations, play games and with toys like a big boy, and you really understand things. You simply amaze me everyday, God got it right when he made you...
my one and only, perfect, wonderful, you.
I do my best to keep this blog updated, as well as photos and videos for you, and little letters like this, I hope that if something were ever to happen to me you will get to read these and look back at these wonderful times with me.
meeting you.

your first birthday

your 2nd Christmas, so much fun!
a special family day for your 2nd birthday
on your way to chuckie cheese for your 2nd birthday dinner

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