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Monday, October 15, 2012

A fun family day

All aboard the Wilson train for a fun filled 2nd birth DAY!
throwing balls at the dino

en route to chuckie cheese for a fun filled birthday dinner

favorite game, he woofed and barked along with the dog.

Williams actual birthday fell on a Wednesday, I was working from home, and now that Luke works from home full time I asked if he'd take a couple hours with us in the morning to do something fun. He was right away on board. We went to Will's 2 year well visit at the doctor together which was nice for Luke to be there. Stats: 31.5 pounds  86%  35" tall 84%  One shot and NO tears later it was off to the transportation museum. I've been wanting to take Will, he loves trains and there is one there you can ride before it gets cold. He loved riding the choo choo and playing in the big imagination room. But boy was getting worn out, we picked up his favorite meal from McDonalds for lunch and went home for a nap.
And nap he did about 3;5-4 hours if I remember correctly, Momma and Dada got a lot done and when dinner time rolled around we loaded back up and were off to chuckie cheeses! I didn't know how much he'd be able to do, but he was thoroughly entertained playing games with dada and seeing all the different sights, we'll definitely be back.
I had a really fun day with William, and I hope he did too!

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