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Friday, September 28, 2012

23 weeks and 23 months!

Well my friends I am pretty peeved at myself for not realizing sooner, when these pics were taken, that at the same time I am 23 weeks pregnant with baby boy #2, my sweet lil prince William is 23 months old! Welp, cant always be perfect right? ;) 

Also, its certainly not my first realization that with two children some things get forgotten. I have been looking forward to my doctor appointment today, I haven't been in 5.5 weeks since we found out it was a boy at our big ultrasound so I was ready to talk about my baby boy. My appointment was at 9:30 this morning so during a crazy morning at work when I glanced down at my clock to see it say 9:38... I know I have something I need to do, and it literally took me minutes to realize, grab my purse, and run out the door!

Ahh, never a dull moment that's for sure. Good news is all is well with baby and myself, I got measured for the first time today and I measure right at 23 weeks, heartbeat 159bpm. I have a few more appointments with my doctor and then I will see a new doctor, the one who might deliver me. After Will my doctor stopped delivering, and we agreed today it'd be best for me to finish the end of the pregnancy with a delivering doc. I'm fine with all this considering I'd never met the woman who delivered Will and all was perfect.

23 weeks
Total weight gain: Up 7-8 pounds! 
Continuing symptoms: Back pain, bad at night, can barley lift Will, and moving furniture and things we do on a nightly basis are getting unbearable. I invested in a heating pad for work and I sit with it on my back a few times a day. 
New Symptom: None really, light headed if I get up too fast. But really I'm feeling great! Taking full advantage of that now! 
Maternity clothes: Pretty much everything is maternity, except some tops. Its too cold to keep wearing dresses without leggins and I only have a couple "leggin appropriate" dresses 
Sleep: some nights good, when its good I sleep like a rock, other nights bad, doesn't matter what wakes me up, baby, Will, Boomer, Luke, once up it takes hours upon hours to get back to sleep and by that point I have to be up anyway! 
What I'm eating: normal stuff, trying to limit sodium but last night I slipped up and let myself have Chinese takeout, sodium city! 
Cravings: Still sweets.... still wine. 
Movement: We have a kicker, or a karate boy, whatever he is this boy likes to move, we can actually see my stomach move now which is kinda cool
Special Pregnancy Moment: The fact that Will lifts my shirt and says, "Hi baby!" "I love you" "brother" melts my heart every.single.time. 
Also, seeing the nursery START to come together is fun :)

Onto the many face and personality's of a 23 month older brother....

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