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Friday, October 12, 2012

Williams 2nd birthday party

treat table

William made the cupcakes for his party, such a helper!
his first birthday card in the mail from great papa bill

family photo 10-12

opening presents with cousin peytons help

bounce house fun with cousins

singing happy birthday to my sweet two year old william lucas

My little side kick and I :)

My mom stayed over after the party, we played, cleaned up, and chatted... at one point we looked over at the table at this is what we found, a completely partied out little boy.

bounce house fun with friends

waiting for the singing to begin

We TRIED to get another good pic of all the kids, but we were wildly unsuccessful!

Super Will/ Luke!
another pooped party man.

The plan was to do it easy this year, make it easy on momma and her aching back, and we did a big farm themed party last year for his first birthday.  I decided it would be best to do a small family get together and then have some friends with kids over the next day to play/party... While I kept it as simple as can be, it was still a lot of work for this 6 month prego momma {and her aching back} But it was well worth it to see Will play with his favorite family members and friends and have a fun filled party weekend. Both days when he woke up from nap, I would go in and say hi and he would say "party!" or "gump!" which after multiple guesses we found out meant JUMP, he loves his new jump-jump!
Something I thought I would never say is, I wish the song, Happy Birthday was longer... those were my favorite moments, watching the people gathered around singing to my sweet boy and him soaking in all the excitement and attention.
Thanks to all who celebrated Williams special 2nd birthday with us, it means more to me thank you may know.
NOW... how do I tell people all this boy needs is money for college and haircut giftcards for Christmas... LOL


  1. What an awesome day!! It's going by so fast...

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