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Friday, October 19, 2012

26 weeks

Everything is going good over here at 26 weeks, not much has changed since my last update so I'm not going to do a full one. My back pain seems to of gotten a tad better if that is possible, still cant move at the end of the day but who needs to, carrying around an eggplant will do that to you! Baby boy likes to MOVE especially at night, there is some serious karate going on in there!
Every ounce in me loves my baby boy more than words can describe but a part of me does feel somewhat guilty... a friend of mine due just a few days before me just delivered her baby girl this week. Weve joked about being hospital roomies, our kiddos dating, and swapping babies, but in all seriousness I cannot stop thinking about all that they are going though and the long road they have ahead. Please pray for my friend Joy and her family and her sweet new little miracle Adison Jae.

Some photos of what baby boy and I have been up to at 25-26 weeks
work, work work! work is crazy and Will has said the past three mornings, momma stay and play... breaks my heart

Loved my sundresses, but something about being snuggled in a sweatshirt is nice :)
Sprinkled waffle bowel from oberweise, nuff said.

Kisses and loves from big bro William, I'm pretty sure he things my protruding belly button is the actual baby we speak of. He has to kiss it RIGHT on the belly button.
First trip for baby to the pumpkin patch, what fun!

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