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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall's bringing changes!

I don't know about you, but after this scorcher summer I'm so ready for Fall! My yummy scented candles, chili's and soups, pumpkin spice latte's, the pumpkin patch, bring it on! Speaking of which there is a great deal on a 5 dollar for 10 dollar Starbucks gift card today, go HERE to get yours!

I think everyday I know a new baby being born! My friends and family are literally creating our own little baby boom! My friend Colleen had her sweet baby girl Molly Monday and sister gets induced this Friday, with lots of others in between. Saturday after visiting a new baby, Luke and I attended a diaper shower for my friend Meghan... not long into it we got a call from my mom that Will was sick. Home we went with a puking sick boy and dealt with the stomach flu for the next 12 hours...It's just so sad to watch a baby get so sick, and after he throws up he just stands there with his head down and says "I sorry, I sorry"  Luckily he was feeling better Sunday but we laid low around the house for the next two days and got a ton accomplished!

One bit of news I've been hesitant about sharing... Luke accepted a new position with Citi! He will still be doing mortgages and refinancing but he will mostly be based out of home and around St. Louis doing sales. Were all super excited for this much needed change for him... however this change meant more changes in my ever changing home.

I get a bit anxious with so much going on, I was already in the process of clearing out the guest room which will become baby boy #2's room, starting the transformation of a big boy room, and now I'm creating some sort of office space so Luke can work without constant distractions from us. Yes a nagging wife and almost 2 year old can get a little distracting.
So Saturday night with our sick boy in bed we decided to rearrange some rooms in our house, a big desk that was in our living room/ play room we moved downstairs and I think I pulled a groin muscle in the process... don't worry I've been giving Luke plenty of trouble about his pregnant wife helping him move furniture down steps.
With a new office space downstairs, planning a new living room space, lots of stuff on craigslist, and painters coming this week to give bids I'm feeling a bit more organized and Luke had his first successful day of working at home yesterday.

I've been pinning lots of ideas for the baby's room, and I think were leaning towards a grey and baby blue color scheme. He'll get Will's white furniture and I think it'll go nicely. Speaking of him he still needs a name! We have a couple ideas on the board but suggestions are welcome, so much harder naming the 2nd time around! Will is going to have a baseball themed tan, navy blue, and red room and I cant wait to get started on it! Two big things I'll need to purchase I've been researching are double strollers and double video monitors.

We try and work on something new when we have time and soon it will all start coming together!

I am 20 weeks pregnant, 1/2 way there!!! The first 1/2 of this pregnancy absolutely flew by, and I'm a little nervous the 2nd 1/2 will as well. I love feeling this sweet boy move inside me and I cant wait to meet and hold him. We'll I'm excited to meet and hold him but we've got a lot to do in the next 20 weeks!

Will is 23 months old...... that's all I have to say about that. We'll 23 months and amazing. I hope the next month lasts forever because I am NOT ready to have a TWO year old......! 

Okay back to work on this rainy Wednesday. :)

my sick boy got a new bath toy for being so brave

This whole corner and wall used to be covered by a desk!

Monday night... not sure who was more worn out from our crazy weekend

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  1. Congratulations on Baby #2! I love the idea of a grey and blue room!


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