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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A little catch up!

Wow, I feel like I'm saying this a lot and I'm sure I wont stop anytime soon but things have been busy! Between a computer crash for me at work and Luke transitioning to the new position and working from home we've definitely had our hands... and heads full! But when things get busy life does anything but slow down! Weve been doing well with dada at home, Will doesn't quite know where Luke is which helps, and we take turns in our new "office" when I need to do work on Wednesdays.
Williams second birthday is around the corner so I've been trying to get my head in the game for that, though 5 months pregnant and in total denial my first baby is turning two has me a little flustered.
Nesting has been in full force for quite some time now and getting a nursery painted turned into getting four rooms painted, we'll shop for Will's furniture soon and slowly start the transition.
We started another round of swim lessons, I dont know how much he learns but he loves it and with the cooler weather its something great to do. Trying to do as many things for "just Will" as we can before January.
Speaking of which, with the holidays quickly approaching I feel like this baby is going to be here before we know it! Kinda scary! It will be fine, I just hope time slows down a little. I go back to the doctor Friday so I'll do a pregnancy/baby update after that.
Will graduated his little library class we go to on Wednesday mornings. Since he'll now be two he's supposed to go to the 2 year old class but its on Mondays. So sad, he loves it, when I pull into the parking lot he starts saying "I dance, I dance."  he loves to go see his little buddies and sing and dance.
Anther hobby were still BIG on, "I cook, I cook" ohhh dear I can only think of so many things this boy can cook, and if he even sees me cooking he has to help! Dada may or may not be a little concerend with a son who would rather cook and dance among other things.
And in BIG news...... William went peepee on the big boy potty!!!!! After his bath Saturday night he was telling me he had to go so we tried ad I was barley on the 2nd page of a book when I heard the sweet sound. PEE PEE!!!!!! We quickly got the jellybeans for a reward and had a little dance party! I don't know if it will continue, its early. But its definitely a step in the right direction!
Big momma, and will ready for first of round two swim lessons


Enjoying a Fall day, the weather here has been just gorgeous!

relaxing with dada, and some other buddies.

Calling for the ducks

early morning suson visit after spending the night at mimis


"i cook!"

will did most the work minus the mixing and our banana muffins turned out surprisingly well!

touching his toes at library class
feeling the cold apple

singing happy birthday to Will

fun at mama michelles house, noodles!
after this... Will took one of the biggest falls yet. I thought we were going to the hospital, but all is OK.

snuggle bunny
He's learned I dont carry him a lot esp upstairs so he is here snickering while I'm trying to lure him to bed...

victory photo texts went out after pee pee on potty!

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