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Friday, August 31, 2012

It's a BOY!

 That's right its another sweet baby boy for us! 
After the plan for the day changed for the upteenth time in a row I really had no idea what this day had in store for us. Since I was so unsure on finding out the gender I wanted to do a gender reveal, after all the planning I found out my sister was probably going to get induced on that day, then after that not happening and Luke and I both being super busy with work I decided to scratch that and find out just us. Simple. Personal. Perfect. I know God had a plan because all worked out perfectly.
Everything with this pregnancy has been new and different from the last which kinda had me thinking girl, then when everyone {including big bro Will} kept saying girl I guess we just kind of figured that's what it was. We were just excited to know either way and of course to see our sweet little baby again (haven't seen since 8 weeks)
The ultrasound tech quickly started running through some of the anatomy scan, with some great shots of the spinal cord, and proceeded to make sure we wanted to know the sex, I remember Luke almost yelling yes, before jumping for joy as she announced the "male parts" After his explosion mini happy dance he looked at me with concerned eyes thinking I was disappointed; but with a tear rolling down my cheek I knew I was destined to be a wonderful mother to raise sweet boys, and boy or girl, pink or blue, the tears kept welling up as we went over and over your sweet tiny little perfectly growing body... God is so so good.
Everything looks great and measuring right on track, at 19 weeks my little boy is 9 ounces, the rest of the appointment went well I am up another 2 pounds and Luke got to hear the sweet heart beating away.
I went to pick up some balloons to tell Will he'd be getting a brother and Luke picked us up pf changs (one of my many cravings) We had a great night talking all about brothers and names, every once in a while I would catch myself with a tear in my eye thinking how excited I now was to meet and hold this new little baby, and for the first time in a long time I slept a sweet slumber dreaming of my new little prince.
We love you baby boy, you may not have a name for a while, but we are so head over heels excited to meet you!.

Long leg!
Boy parts!

Momma letting the news sink in of her life with all boys

a 19 week bump shot

he'll teach him all his tricks and they'll be the best of buds
A very excited big brother

Proud daddy
if brother means balloons for me he must be ok

ending the night with cake truffles in blue of course, if you havent tried these, your missing out!


  1. congrats!!! i have two girls....but i've got to say, (well maddie is pretty little to tell yet).....BUT, my boy is sooooo soooooo sweet!!! much more cuddly and soft hearted than his sister!!!! boys are wonderful!!! most of all you had a healthy little baby!!!'s to a happy, healthy rest of your pregnancy!!

  2. So sweet. Congrats! I'm sure William will love having a little brother. What a precious bond you'll get to witness!


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