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Friday, September 14, 2012

Little Will moments

My little man is growing and changing so much He simply amazes me with all he can do, he has always been active and right on {or ahead} of track, but he is just a completely different child than he was 5-6 months ago. I love that he can do and understand so many new things, trying to soak up all the fun William time I can in the next 4-5 months. 

- Wills big thing is to do things himself, of course! But a new one is "I cook!"   "I make!"  then he proceeds to scoot a kitchen chair over in the kitchen and stand up to help do whatever it is we are doing. Makes boiling a pot of water and some things a little difficult, but he loves it! 

- With all the new babys at least once a week or weekend we are off to meet a new baby, and deliver a meal or present. I dont know if he "gets" that there's a baby in my belly although he lifts my shirt up all the time and says "Hi baby sister... brother" {he was sure it was a girl too!} When we go see the babies he doesnt care too much but if I am holding them he will come up and give a gentle touch or kiss, I love that he is so gentle. 

- MICKEY. Yup, were on the Mickey kick again, it changed for a while super why, little einsteins, clifford. But now its all Mickey all the time. We dont let him watch a lot of tv, but he does get to if he's sitting and eating good (horrible habit we started) and watch a show before bed. Ohhhh TOODLES this momma is sick of Mickey! 

- We started a 2nd round of swim lessons (more posts on that later) and when that is over in Nov I think I'll do a session at little gym, getting lots of fun activites in now before were stuck inside the better half of the winter. 

- Were not potty training yet, but he's super into it! He talks about it a lot and sometimes gets upset if he sits on the potty and nothing comes out.... I cant wait till something comes out were gonna have a PARTY! 

- Will is talking in 2-3 word sentences, and I love it, we can have lil conversations! One thing he loves to do is dance! He definitely dances like no ones watching, last night I went in his room where I heard some sort of dance party going on and when I came in Luke sat down in the glider for a minute. Will right away grabbed his hands and said "UP dada, stand UP!" 

- I am happy to report that since tubes Will has not had ANY infections, he has even had some colds/allergies that used to result in ear infections. We also have him on a regimen of claritan in the morning and singular at night and it seems to be working wonders on his allergies! Minus the 2 stomach flu bugs I'm a happy momma!

- Will is learning about emotions he likes to tell me if people are happy, sad, sleeping etc... he says he's scared a lot. Not sure where this is coming from, its actually kinda cute. He has also learned to say things hurt, his feet, his neck from the tags of shirts. I dont like that he hurts but glad he can tell us! 

- The boy is obsessed with having pockets! He loves to find change and put it in there, he says "my monies" the other day the sitter texted me and said after Luke dropped him off he pulled a wine cork out of his pocket! And in the laundry I've found all sorts of thing floating around, guess its just another mans pockets I'll have to

Eating dinner like a good boy

Visiting Colleen and Ross's new baby girl, Will used to hate pictures now he wants in them all!
"I Cook!"
All ready for swim lessons!

a nice day at the park with Eliza, I love how protective he is of her.
"trying" with a wine magazine of course.

Softball started back up again which means lots of mommy/Will dates....

and snuggles!

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