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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Will's health and tubes

So much has been going on recently with my sweet boy, I'd like to document it so I have it all handy down the road. At four months old Will was diagnosed with tracheamalsea and reflux, through the help of a great specialist and a bronchscopy. With a pretty severe case of each and the help of some medications at his year birthday we were taken off everything and have been in the clear. Thank the Lord. Will still sounds barky when he dry coughs a lot but that is his only symptom.
I should say... I know this is NO big deal.... and there are SO many kids out there that have horrible conditions, my heart goes out to them and their families.
Will has always had some allergies and get colds somewhat easily in my opinion, he sometimes has trouble fighting them, they usually turn into ear infections and were on antibiotics. However he's not a textbook case ear infection kid. Its not once a month and the antibiotics do help. His last one was in December, Then on memorial day weekend I just knew it, he had another... call it mothers instinct if you will but I was {and will always be} that mother fighting on the phone with the doc demanding some medication be called in. It was this day I decided we would be changing pediatricians. Amoxicillian was called in, 10 days later {new pedi which I LOVE} both ear still infected Cefdinir called in, 10 days later, right ear still infected, Augmention called in. We did not see the need to go to ent at this point since it seemed this was just a very aggressive infection he had to get over. 10 days later we were in the clear, this was a Friday. The following Friday, I was getting over being sick and Luke was out of town, he started pulling and I didn't even hesitate to call and take him in and what do you know The beginnings of another double ear infection, Augmention called in again along with a referral to an ent. No matter what if he needs tubes or not, he should not be on this much (strong) antibiotics this close together. Luckily his body is so used to it the side effects were not too bad this time.
he really liked this chair!

eating his sucker while I scheduled his surgery.

We were referred to an ent who does NOT put tubes in every kid they see, exactly what I wanted sine I was not sure he needed them. Will was so good sat in the exam chair like a big boy and shook the doctors hand and just like that I was told.... he would benefit from tubes more than not getting them. Most kids outgrow this ear infection stage by age 2, with that around the corner I asked what to do. With Will's track record and the Fall/Winter cold seasons it's the safest bet. I was totally okay with this, relieved almost that this might make him feel better all around. I was told the sooner the better, and just like that surgery was scheduled for that Monday!

 Sunday was spent as a fun Will day, but momma cant stand this heat for long. So we rode rides at the mall, got ice cream with sprinkles, played in the kid area, had a yummy dinner, and watched a favorite show before bed.

Monday morning we went in, Luke took off work which was great. Got to hospital at 8 and called right back. After taking stats talking with doctor, nurses, and anesthesiologists and a few short wagon rides it was time for Will to go back. He was such a trooper and rode away with Henley in the wagon. The doctor said everything went great and he had a lot of thick discharge in his ears, and he definitely needed the tubes. We were warned that when kids go under for a short period of time waking up and coming out of anesthesia can be hard on them. Luke and I brushed this warning off knowing our son and his ease at everything thrown his way. Boy were we wrong, poor boy was scared out of his mind and not momma, henley, sippy, mickey. Nothing made it better. It only lasted a short time and by the time we were walking and talking to the car he was ready to go home and eat!

pre surgery "sticker boy"
he stuck to me like glue as we watched our shows that night and I ate it up, my boy was finally feeling better!
The rest of the day he napped, played, and sang his little heart out! I think he could finally hear his voice well. He even felt good enough after nap to get a haircut!

Hoping this helps his ears and everything drain better and helps in to feel much better! It's simply amazing how much you can love one little person, but boy ohhh boy, do I love this sweet handsome, loving little boy. Thanks to all for your well wishes and concern, so happy to report he's doing GREAT!

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  1. Sam had tubes put in at 11 months and he hasn't had an ear infection since. He was getting them frequently, but not anymore! Tubes really are amazing tiny little things! Hugs to Will!!


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