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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wilson Family Love

A couple weekends ago we were blessed to have Luke's grandparents in town from Hutchinson, and his brother and sister in law in town from Raleigh! Love having them all around so much its bittersweet, wish we were all closer but glad we got some good time in together! Sunday I had everyone over, we grilled chicken and steak kabobs and had lots of other yummy foods, including two homemade pies by his grandma YUM
I thought I planned this well, 3'oclock when Will would be getting up from his nap, ohh was I mistaken! Waking up with a house full of 10 plus people, ol boy was on overload and wanted momma ONLY. It was fine but with Dada out grilling and momma taking things in and out of the oven, I may reconsider starting right after nap next time!

 I know we all have those items..... that we'd be lost without and are incredibly priceless, one of mine is some pictures I have of my grandma Ad holding William, newborn, and one from December taken at my sisters house about two months before she passed. I don't know if Will will ever think they are special but I sure do. Any who... I try and not be that crazy picture lady while I do love pictures, I never want to be that person always running around snapping, making people pose etc... But this day was different, I was determined to get some good a picture with his grandparents and Will and Peyton... Which turned into many more, so I wont complain! :)

Peyton, Grandpa Jim, Grandma Betty, and William (21 months)

If anyone is reading this and wants any copies, just let me know :)
4 generations

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