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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sick baby....

Well friends I hate to report that yet again we have been dealing with a pretty sick little William. He caught a cold we've been fighting but came home sick last Monday with some sort of stomach bug, lets just say it was not the kinda that makes you throw up.... the brat diet begun and he was home with his Gigi on Tuesday. On Wednesday with plans to go back to school and work he woke up with a 101/102 fever, He was very lethargic and had lost a lot of energy from this bug. I made the call stayed home and went to the doctor. Ear infection, again, bad. Right ear, again. After a failed trip to Walgreen's and a helpful hubby meds were started.
I got to work Thursday and things were looking up, I was worried because sometimes the antibiotics also give him the same effect the flu was but we were on brat diet day 4 and things were looking up, Poor baby's butt had never been so red. Friday night my grandpa came in town to wish us a merry Christmas, after we got home Will woke up around 9 pm (which he never does) and cried, screamed and suffered on and off all night. I finally called the doc again at 10 am {in an effort to minimize the crazy mommy} and she called him in numbing drops for his ears. His ear infection moved to both ears and I believe he was cutting a back tooth on the right side. Needless to say last week was very rough, even with everything I have been through with Will it was one of the hardest weeks. He was just in so much pain it and it was very hard to try and comfort and watch him go through that. He was able to enjoy Christmas and is feeling much better now!
Though... we may be talking about tubes sooner rather than later if this keeps up....

I don't know what it is about a sick baby, while I HATE it, I love that he snuggles me so sweet on the couch. Sorry for all the annoying pictures, I couldn't resist.... thank god for phones ;)
 Home from school Monday.
 Wednesday morning... fever
 Wednesday afternoon, poor kid was so sick of bananas, bread etc we resorted to yogurt with probiotic
 Michelle got some smiles from him Thursday
 And I got more sweet snuggles

All better for Christmas eve


  1. Oh poor baby!! Saddest thing ever. Glad he's feeling better.

  2. Oh poor buddy!! My daughter had tubes put in at 9months and has not had an ear infection or been sick as much as she used to. I hope he get's better soon!!!



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