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Monday, July 9, 2012

Telling Luke, and spreading cheer!

WWill tasting dippin dots, and blue raspberry snocone for the first time, he was a big fan of both!

 The way I see it when you have news, you have one of two choices, blurt it out or make it special. If it was ME receiving the news I'd want it to be done in some sort of memorable way, how often do you get this kind of news? That being said, I am the worst secret keeper in the history of secret keepers.... ask anyone. I took the test at about 4 pm on a Wednesday, Luke would be home around 5:30, after my initial excitement/freak out/bawl like a baby all the happy tears I called Luke and told him I thought it'd be fun if we fore go the normal dinner routine and go have snocones with Will. Of course he was on board! I hurried up to the window and insisted Luke get Will out and the stroller {so many things should of given this all away} When the lady called our order and Luke went up to get it there were three bowls instead of two, and in the third... a "pregnant" test! Luke was shocked at first and then I think a little embarrassed, he doesn't like any attention, and I'm sure the 16 year old girl will be telling her friends about the "crazy pregnant lady" but it was a fun memorable way we all got to share in telling Dada the fun, exciting news of baby #2!

 We told my parents together when we went to the farm for the day, it was great to tell them both together and see both of their reactions. My mom is very excited for us, and dad may be more worried about how much work I'll be taking off. I had Will give Luke's mom {gigi} a poem about a newborn, she got it right away and is bursting with excitement over a new grand baby! We told Luke's dad and some of his other family in person with the "big brother" shirt! My friends also found out when they were over for Michelle's sprinkle via big bro shirt, videos of both on youtube. And countless texts and pictures have been sent out. We've been so excited to share our blessed news with all we love, and I think finally, the secret is out... if we haven't told it, my protruding belly has!

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