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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A magical Christmas celebration

 I just never knew, I never even fathomed how incredibly magical and special Christmas time would be once I had children to celebrate it with! Last year  Will blessed us with his first laugh on Christmas and I thought we would never be able to beat that amazing gift, boy was I wrong. I had such a great time this year, playing santa, making food, and trying to grab hold tight of all of these memories. 
No matter what I ever say, no matter how much I kick and scream....this I know this: we.are.blessed. 
I loved creating some new family traditions for Luke, Will, and I and I hope things that we can keep adding to each year. We kept up with our tradition of gathering an ornament each year, and thanks to Michelle Will made us an awesome hand print ornament, momma double wrapped this thing with bubble wrap and will treasure it always. With Will still on meds and not 100% we skipped Christmas service this year and relaxed as a family. We built a fire, opened some presents and ate dinner. After Will went to bed Luke and I attempted to watch Its a wonderful life we lasted about 20 minutes. I tried a crock pot breakfast casserole from pintrest so our breakfast was all ready for us in the morning, I'd like to make something ahead every year and spend every minute I can soaking up all the memories instead of being in the kitchen. It was pretty yummy too! 
The awesome thing about loving this year so much was knowing that each year I'm sure to love it more and more... the excitement, the magic, and the memories. I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas with all their family and friends. 

 Building a fire with dada
 momma got some new shoes! And get this Luke looked on pintrest to see exactly what nude pumps I have been wanting! It took the boy just about 10 years to go pick me out something I can wear, but he did it! And I love them! And he was pretty happy with his ipad 2 also! We've had some set backs but hoping 2012 is AMAZING and what better way to kick it off than with a new gadget. Luke was so surprised and excited!
 Santa brought Will two new Christmas books, hoping to stock up his collection to start THIS new tradition
 Checking on their fire...
 I would love to do a cute picture in our Christmas jammies each year, this year Will had other plans.
 Elmo tool set

 New toys for the "beach" this summer

 And rock and roll elmo! Love this thing!
 Ohh and an elmo chair for the basement
 Christmas eve wouldn't be complete without our own lil reindeer
 Chowing on breakfast casserole
Gifts from Santa for being SUCH a good boy....

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