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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4 more Christmas's...

While we do have a few Christmas's it is nice because they are spread out, gives a chance to clean up and re-boot before the next one! We had so much fun at all of them and of course a certain little guy got way way spoiled at all of them!
 Peyton and William, sweet cousins.
 Will got his Cozy Coupe! This thing is great I remember having one when I was little and I know Will is going to be the hot rod in the neighborhood this summer. Peyton was so nice and pushed Will around all night.
 Happy boy.
 Gift opening: this year: practice, next year: its on!
 And a tunnel, Will loves crawling through stuff so this is perfect!
We had a slumber party at this Christmas which  was a lot of fun, kids could play and momma and dada enjoyed some cocktails! Don't the kids looked pooped the next morning, lol
 My mom opening some gifts with Will, some is an understatement already had the dreaded talk that next year we've GOT to
 Christmas at papa Jims

 Will would lift his hands up and everyone would CHEER he thought he ruled the world!
A new decoration for the basement, score!
 And last but not least my "friend" Christmas party!

Will, Annabelle, and Dom

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