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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas part one

On Thursday the 23rd we had our annual Christmas party with my group of good friends. We try to have a game night regularly but have been slackers on that lately! Ashley was even able to come in town for the event! We all had a great time and ended up with some pretty bad stuff from rob your neighbor but it was all in good fun! Meghan's son Dominick, such a cutie!
Meghan laughing at her diaper of change, an impromptu rob your neighbor gift!
The girls!
Meghan, Winnie, Julia, me, Ashley, Leslie and Lauren (Michelle came later)
Meghan Julia and Lauren are all pregnant with their second babies!
The boys
Danny, Jim, Luke, and Mike

Me and Ash with our filled wine glasses ready to cheers!
We had a great first Christmas with Will! Luke had to work on Christmas eve as usual, so Will and I hung out around the house and watched the snow fall around us! It snowed snowed and snowed some more! We had a great evening all snuggled in at home with a fire, some great classic Christmas movies, and our little guy all warm in his Christmas jammies!
On Christmas morning much to our amazement our little boy slept until 6:30! He has had some drawbacks on sleeping through the night so we were pleasantly surprised and got greeted in the morning with tons of smiles! Luke made us a great breakfast and we got ready for the day!
We went to my moms for Christmas, she still cannot do much so I got there early to help get her looking presentable and do some other odds and ins. I wasn't sure if we would get to see Bennett or not this year but it all worked out, he was a little overwhelmed with all the of the presents but I have a feeling next year it will be ON! Will decided to give us the gift of laughter for Christmas and it was awesome! (see previous post and video)
After my moms we stopped by Luke's moms Gigi's so she could see Will on his first Christmas, He was all giggles over there and we played a long game of sticking out the tongue, I have to say I think Mr. Will LOVES Christmas!

Grandpa teaching Will how to rock out with his new guitar!

B boy and Mommy playing with Mr. Potato Head

Helping my mom upwap some of her gifts.

Luke with one of his favorite gifts!
I think the practical gifts are the best, sometimes they are the ones we get the most use out of ;)

Our family Christmas photo, thanks to self timer on the camera, first time I used it and it worked great!

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