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Friday, October 28, 2011

Win or Lose I love St Louis!

Well we did it again, we made it through the play offs and into the WORLD SERIES! Here in St. Louis we call that "Red October!" I love red October, everyone searches around for their long sleeved red Cardinals gear (since 90% of the games it is 95+ degrees!) And I'm sure a lot of people love their baseball team but there is just something special about it here in St. Louis, there is something in the air when you pull in downtown St.Louis, and I love it. I love our baseball town! It totally adds to the excitement that one of Luke's buddies is playing for the Cardinals in the World Series! Luke is already asking me if we can go to Spring Training again this year...Achhemm I didn't just buy him a trip or anything you know ;) 
My dad has had season tickets, but not just any tickets, 12 rows behind home plate for over 30 years! We give them to customers, Luke and I attend some games, but this year my dad took me! We had a super fun night at Game 2 even though we lost. He took my sister to Game 1 and said he didn't know if he would ever get the opportunity to take us to a World Series game in our hometown again, tear.

My sister and Luke were born the year we won in 82, and Luke and I were downtown for almost every game in 06 (ahh to be that age again, going out every night) I wanted Will to remember all this hoopla when we win our 11th World Series in 2011 so I tried to snap some pics to remember... Anyone else have a hard time getting pictures of the little ones once they learned to walk, a new challenge for me!

 Pre game 1 excitment!
 You'll rarley find my big boy crawling these days!
 Ahhh, all in a days hard work
 My boys <3
 Game 2 with my pops
 Loving the new self picture taking capabilites of the new phone, dont have it down quite yet tho.
 Clydsdales, Will looked at this on the tv the other night and said, Dog. ha! :)
Go Freese!
 And just for fun: After we won on 06'
 A playoff game in 06

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  1. Oh how I wish we were in StL to watch the game with y'all tonight!!! These cajun boys just don't understand red October love:)


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