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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1 year old stats

I wanted to take a second to record Will's one year stats from the doctor.
23 lbs 10 ounces: 68%
30.75" tall: 82%

Everything is right on track and he exceeding his scorings for all his skills, even showed off to his doctor his new found walking skills. We recently gave up the first morning bottle with no problems at all and soon we will give up his nighttime (only) bottle, I am already dreading this as it is such a sweet time to share with him at the end of the day. Will loves to play and loves to eat, eats just about everything.
His favorite books right now are the busy little spider, loves when I make all the animal noises, and wheres baby's belly button loves to lift all the flaps and almost has down some of the sounds I make out in this one. We have been working hard on signing "more" and "please" when there are things he wants instead of getting upset about it. And I'm trying to get him in the habit of cleaning up his toys before bedtime. Things have been moving right along, and I'm happy to report there are lots of exciting things coming up!

Getting into the party leftovers.... it WAS beer-thirty!

 Obsessed with the balloon held onto it all night!
 His big birthday day and the yummy pumpkin cake mama Michelle made for him.
 His night away at Michelles

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