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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear ohh my dear William, {a note}

Dear William,
You have brought so much unimaginable joy into my life, every smile, point, and chuckle makes my heart warm. As I sit with you on the chair in your nursery and hold you close I remember the times when my big belly would rest on my thighs and I would sit in the same spot and imagine what life would be like with you, I created a sweet room, bought adorable clothing, and all the necessities yet I never knew how much you would change me. Everyone tells you how much your life will change, no more sleep, no more clean house, and yes it does, but nothing compares to the change that took place in my heart once you entered my life, noting matters anymore, nothing except you. I've watched you grow and learn so much William and I feel so lucky and blessed that God picked me to get to keep watching and teaching you. You are a very adventurous little boy, there is not much you are afraid of, and if you are; a close hug with mommy calms all fears. I wake up excited each morning to see what the new day with you will bring, I love you my sweetheart, I love you so very very much. You are mommys little sunshine, now a one year old, I hope you had a wonderful first birthday, I cant wait to see what life has in store for you next!

Williams actual first birthday fell on a Monday, I normally would of taken the day off work to spend with him but were only working three days this week due to Luke's brothers wedding so in we went. It was really hard dropping him off but I knew mama Michelle had a fun day planned for him, with smiley fruit pancakes, a special crown, and I even stopped by to sing an extra round of happy birthday to him on my lunch break. After work we played for a while at home then met daddy out for a hibachi dinner, Will loved the food and gobbled it all up, even the Japanese soup!

 Doing the happy dance about his smiley pancake, he loved it!
 He held onto this balloon all night, I literally thought we were going to put him to bed with it!
 Loving the balloons
Everybody needs a brewsky on their birthday right? Someone got caught getting into the party leftovers!
Will's first hibachi experience

Happy birthday William!

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