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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! I am sorry to report Mr Will and I were home sick, poor guy wasn't really acting himself Sunday and then by bedtime he just screamed all night I knew right away...ear infection. The good thing was we had already celebrated over at Michelle's house Saturday, they had a big Fall festival with all their friends with games for the kids and boys, pumpkin painting, lots of food and of course lots of fun! Will was originally going to be a lion, we had his "roarrrr" down pat, but when momma took him to get his pictures taken as a lion we realized my little lion is growing by the minute, he didn't quite fit too good in his costume anymore. So in came the turkey! One of my moms friends had given me a turkey costume and I was going to surprise everyone and have him show up to Thanksgiving in it, well good thing we had a backup... my last plan was for him to get in Cardinals gear, carry around a sports car and go as Freese, ha!

All in all we had a good Halloween, we spent in together as a family. :) It felt like Will's first Halloween to me because last year he was such a new baby. I cant wait to see him next year!

Will painted two pumpkins this year for Halloween, so precious!

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