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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

William's baby dedication

Last Friday night William was dedication into Harvester Christian Church, it was such a very special night and a time I will always hold very dear to my heart. We started attending this church, I like the service and the kids program is GREAT! Will just moved rooms in Sunday school, he was a Cozy Cuddler and is now a Little Ladybug! I really liked the way they set up the baby celebration, instead of working it into a regular Sunday service and having your family come to your church they do a special intimate celebration just for the babies and their families. Will was one of fifteen baby's celebrated that evening, prior to this Luke and I had some online homework to do through the church. The lectures were really good and made you think, at the end it gave us a chance to reflect on what we wanted for Will; out of his spirituality and his life.
I hope he continues to grow into the amazing little boy he is becoming and keeps his heart of gold, I hope God gives him the guidance when he needs it and continues to amaze me with his greatness with the gift of children he has given me.

 Dada and Willman
 Everytable was even personalized for each family, I had to document!
 My sweet sweet sugar bear!
 My mom being silly with Will, playing the forehead bump game, I've GOT to get this on video!
 Gigi and her little lovebug Will
Proud papa Jim and Will

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