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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Party Plans...

Okay.Okay. I know he's not even nine months yet (omg this weekend I am going to have a nine month old!) But with Luke's brother getting married out of state just five days after Will's first birthday and mommy and daddy leaving Will for the first time just two days after his first birthday mommy did what she does best when she gets a little stressed... planning! I have been a bit under the weather so what do I do when I'm up in the middle of the night for hours? Start punching away at my phone and creating lists of things for Will's first birthday!
At first I thought I wanted to do a theme, prince or maybe elmo or something but the more I thought about it I think that is more work and will be better for when he is older and has his favorites! So I think I'm going to keep it simple with a color theme, green, blue and brown, and a few favorite jungle friends. We decided an open house type party will be best for the occasion, with some favorite foods, drinks and treats. Whew, don't we all feel better when there is a plan? No. Just me? Ohh okay :)
I know we'll need some of these yummies and of course Will will need a handsome birthday suit or maybe just a themed tee
I would love to be able to create a banner like this but not sure how it will turn out. Going to try and make some things myself to save money on the decorations. And I would love to incorporate this poem I found:
Covered in cake and icing, your smile stretched ear to ear. A single candle celebrates the joy of your first year. We sing Happy Birthday You play midst wrap and bows. We marvel at how you touched our lives, just one year ago. I remember the first time I held you, Kissed your head, whispered your name. You've changed our lives forever, our hearts will never be the same. As a child you'll love this day, for all the sweets and presents too. As parents well love your day, for the gift we got was you. Each year well add another candle, so proud to see you grow. But always with the memory, of your first day long ago.

Okay now I'm crying, Pull it together sister!
I cant believe my baby will be one year old in three months, so so bittersweet.
Here is one creation I have in mind, maybe for the favor bags or a sign for the door. Anyone have any easy crafts I can recreate, or good fun ideas for this little celebration, feel free to send em my way!!!

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