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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Parents as Teachers visit 14 months old

I know I am a biased mom, my mom is a biased grandma... this I know. But Will is a bright kid, he is walking, talking, understanding, signing, and communicating very well for a 14 month old. I don't think too much about this just thank God everyday for my amazing son and of course give most the credit to our amazing sitter.
Tuesday night we had our parents as teachers visit, I am so grateful our community still does this and I've put off and rescheduled this visit 3 times now! It really made me sit and think of how much Will knows and has learned in just 14 months. I want to keep track of some of it and I know I will want to look back at this if we are ever lucky enough to have another child. 

Words Will says: mama, dada, all done, bye bye, more, dog, boomer, no, baby {animal sounds} 
Signs Will does: please, more, drink, all done
Animal noises Will does: dog, sheep, cow, owl, duck, lion/tiger, bird, monkey

She did his evaluation which he scored the best in each category and observed him playing for a while. He loved two of the containers she brought over and trying to figure out how to transfer items between the two. She got out a book to see his language {because they cant just go off what you say} and she was blown away. Every time she turned the page he would point to the animal and make the noise, she tried to stump him with the owl and in full showing off mode he hooted his best WHOOOO. 
Sometimes it gets difficult because I feel like he gets bored easily and gets bored with the same toys so she gave us some new activities to try with him which is great.
One of the things that he is loving is trying to get lids on and off of things, it gets frustrating but he loves doing it and how great for his fine motor skills. Will continues to love Einstein and we usually save it for right before bed, a lil show watching and a sippy of milk made the transition to no bottles super easy, seamless!

One of my favorite things to do is to watch Will think, if you show him something he usually sits there for a minute and looks at you and thinks before trying it on his own. It's so cool kinda like you can hear/feel him learning. I'm absolutely loving this stage everything about it. He's still a chunky monkey baby boy, but he can play, learn, and interact. He is mischievous and into everything, but not on purpose he is just a little explorer. If I ask Will if he is hungry or wants to eat he walks over to his highchair, and if I ask if he is tired or ready for a nap he walks to the stairs. Ohh the stairs.... we have mastered up and down now but still have a house full of gates: 4 gates and 3 doors that stay shut, I long for the day when Boomer, Luke and I are not living in an obstacle course. It's just amazing that in 14 short months Will went from a tiny little newborn completely dependent upon me for everything to this walking, talking little man.

Will got his second haircut last week, we went to the hairy elephant. He got to watch mickey mouse and sit in a lil golf cart while he got pampered :)

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