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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My walking talking... yikes TODDLER!

Dah Dah.... These are the little noises that I hear when my baby toddler wakes up in the morning, sometimes he is talking to his dada, but mostly he is looking for his dog. Little William is chatting up a storm these days, his favorite is "dah dah" this means dog. He loves when Boomer comes in his room when he gets up in the morning, or to see him when we get home in the evenings. He's said Boom a few times but mostly its dah/dog. When Will was watching the opening festivites of the world series with dada he kept looking at the clydsdales and saying dah. Also him and I were looking through pottery barns christmas catalog, ahh for the day when I can afford everything in here, on one page there was a dog sitting by the family and tree and he immedatly said dah, dah.
Will now knows how to sign and uses, "all done, please, and more." It definitly makes things easier when we know he wants something and he is getting pretty good at pointing to what it is. Its pretty darn hard to resist that little boy walking around signing please, he'll sign please and bring me his einstein dvd and stand at the pantry and sign please. The other day we were at walmart and I was picking up some of the gerber graduate meals for him, because lets face it sometimes we need something easy so since we were in the aisle with puffs and snacks all around him he sat in the cart and just started "pleasing" like crazy! Its polite and cute, but I'm going to have an obese, einstien watching toddler if this keeps up.
I feel like Will does and learns something new everyday. He loves to eat with a fork and he is actually pretty good at it, now the spoon is a different story but practice makes perfect right!

Another favorite thing to do right now is talk to dada on the phone, yes dada is who he talks to and ONLY dada. He probably has about 10-20 conversations with dada using anything for a phone from his hand, to a measuring cup, to a bath toy, or on rare occasions a real or toy phone. Now these little dada-william convo's are not short and sweet, hello/goodbye, sometimes I hear Will hashing out all of lifes problems, planning vacations, and all sorts of things with dada. Hopefully soon he will realize he can call other people, acchem momma... but for now just his one and only dada!

Will still LOVES bathtime, he now starts to climb in right when we go in his bathroom, which also means he knows how to try and climb out if he wants as well. As soon as he gets in and his tubby is filling up he likes to help with the assistance of his big QT cup he fills it up, takes a big gulp and dumps it out over.and.over again. The rest of the time in the bath is spend playing with toys, reading books, blowing bubbles, and swimming on his belly/splashing. I read about doing food colored ice cubes for a learning/bath activity, still need to get around to that.

Here are a few pictures and updates.....
 My poor lil nephew Bennett broke his leg last week, he will wear this big cast for two weeks and then get a smaller one. He is doing great and is in awesome spirits!
 Will has started to "ride" things, like skateboards and like a horse {pic above}
 Will and Jack had a bath/ slumber party Saturday, they are getting so big and so stinkin cute, love these boys!
 Dada had just gotten home from a bachelor party.... the next morning, my boys were happy to see each other!
And lastly.... last night was NIGHT 3 of no baba before bed, that was the last one we were trying to give up, the lil mr. has done very well with a warm sippy, some einstien, and some extra snuggles before bed!

We leave next week for our little getaway, while I am sad to leave my baby boy I am excited for a little time with my sweet husband!

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