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Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Memories 2011

I love Thanksgiving, seems like it is always the time of the year I am starting to miss family and crave good home cooking! I cant believe this was my little turkey ONE year ago! Boy ohh boy does time fly!
We had a great thanksgiving with my family as usual, my sister even started some new fun family traditions, glad she is on top of things my brain may have been in Mexico. 
 Will wants to play like a big boy so bad, but lately I think all he is doing is getting on Bennetts nerves.
 So sweet.
 But Bennett did decide to give a big hug.... or he was moving him away from the toys, however you want to look at it ;)
 And of course thanksgiving is not complete without some whip cream squirted in the mouth!
 Lil will keep signing and saying... "more... Please!"
 My sweet boy in his monogrammed thanksgiving outfit, love.

 OK, momma you got two pictures and two pictures is ALL you get!
 We actually got a family photo this year, that is unheard of in our family!
 Will eating his Turkey dinner, after his awesome nap that allowed momma and dada to enjoy THEIR turkey dinner! What a generous little boy.

OK, it is December 12th and I finally updated from Thanksgiving, I should be all caught up now!

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