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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Full FUN Weekend!

I had to do a post about the fun weekend ALL of us Wilson's had, by far the best weekend in a long time! My dear friend Meghan decided to go back to school and become a nurse, with two little ones in the house she is one momma who really needed a break, well who doesn't! So we packed it up and met her down in St. Genvieve at Crown Valley Winery. I have never been but I loved it there! It was beautiful, big, open, and of course fabulous wine! After that we headed to the local brewery, and after that dinner at the Tiger Sanchuary. We met some new friends, and I found a new boyfriend, as we girls sometimes do on girls weekend. It was all in good fun even watching the boys out the peep hole of our room, I felt like a 12 year old girl giggling with my friends all night and it was just the medicine the doctor ordered for all of us over worked mommas!  
 Meghan, me, Leslie and Julia, bffs!
 I'll never forget either Megs.... when we became best friends freshman year of college!
 breaking it down on the dance floor
 Were here, CHEERS!
 Before I headed out I had one pit stop to make, the shower for a very special momma to be! Cant wait for baby P to get here!
 When Momma's away the boys will play!!! My dad got Will his very own mini horse this week!!!! How cool is that! So Luke and Will took a lil day trip out to the ranch so Will could meet his mini horsey!

I cant wait for him to grow up and help take care of and learn to ride his little horse, too freaking cute!!!
Then of course the boys went home and Julia and Meghan's husbands and kiddos came over for a daddy night, perfect end to a perfect weekend!

I cant believe it is already November, time is moving at the speed of light these days!

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  1. love love love weekends like that and the fact that will got his very own horse! jackson would be so jealous:)


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