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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Must be Christmas time!

It's almost that time, that very magical special time, and for the only time ever it is our first child's first Christmas. We are so blessed to have this little miracle to share all the fun with and look forward to starting many new traditions and memories to carry on throughout the years!

A family ornament from my mom

Will in his swing watching mommy decorate

Ahhh that fire feels good!
His very special first stocking from his Gigi, (Luke's mom)

Stockings hung! We need a new one for Boomer, it just doesn't match at all so I didn't hang it this year.
Since we didn't get to go out of town to see my family we made it to Luke's dad's Christmas on Saturday. It was a little overwhelming having a new baby at a Christmas event with all the noise and such so unfortunately this is one of the only pictures I got! But its a good one, William with Uncle Luke and Aunt Jen.
His first special ornament from my good friend Jessie.
I thought this was such a cute gift idea, she brought when she met Will for the first time: His first ornament, a piggy bank, and a start to his college savings fund! Thank you so much Aunt Jessie!

Had to have the Baby's First Christmas ornament!

Watching the tree after Mommy finally finished wrapping everything.... till she went shopping again ;)

Dreaming of Santa!


  1. Love the pic of Will in the swing...he's such a doll! I bet he loves looking at the tree, Dinah does. Hope you all have a wonderful first Christmas!

  2. Love those pictures!!!

    Those ornaments are all adorable too! :)

    PS - Does William really have an Uncle Luke? That's kind of funny. :) Like how Jim's brother's nephew has a mom Leslie and an Aunt Leslie. :)

  3. jim's nephew...not jim's brother's nephew...i'm still hopped up on sugar. :)


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